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Truck Accidents

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A truck accident can be a life altering event. It can result in the death of a person, or leave severe injuries. There can be extensive medical bills, rehabilitation, pain and suffering and loss of wages. When you or a loved one is involved in something like this, the last thing on your mind should be how you are going to heal from your injuries, or recover from the death of a loved one.

In this very stressful situation, many people don’t know what to do next, who to call. The Jacobo Law Firm, PLLC is just a phone call away and ready to help you recover as much of your life as we can get you. Manny A. Jacobo will make sure you have someone advocating for your case, we will leave nothing behind in doing so.

Trucking accidents can be traced to the truck driver or even the company that employed them. Was the driver going too fast for conditions, fatigued, distracted by a cell phone, or under the influence? There are many contributors to negligence on the road. If any of this sounds familiar, if you think you may have a valid claim, contact the Jacobo Law Firm, PLLC to set up a free consultation, so that we can discuss the case details with you.

The reason for an accident could ultimately trace to the trucking company. It could be the result of poor training, or a poorly constructed training program. It could also be the result of poor maintenance, or failure to conduct preventative maintenance. An overloaded truck can be a cause. If you experienced an accident as a result of a company’s or driver’s negligence, you may have a right to financial compensation.

Manny A. Jacobo is an attorney you can trust, who is committed to getting you the results you deserve. He will be your advocate during this this difficult time and deal with the insurance companies and legal system. This will allow you to focus on your recovery.

The Jacobo Law Firm, PLLC will represent you in your case on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay us unless we win your case. If your injuries prevent you from being able to come to our office to develop your case, we can come to your location.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a truck accident in Arizona, contact Manny A. Jacobo. He wants to help pursue your truck accident claim. Let Manny represent your case and provide that caring advocacy. Call the Jacobo Law Firm, PLLC to schedule your free initial consultation today at 480-559-2320, we can help you with your truck accident. You can also contact Manny online.