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The following results are some of the cases attorney Manny A. Jacobo has successfully handled.

Aggravated Assault/Dangerous Weapon : Reduced to a misdemeanor

Aggravated DUI : Reduced to a misdemeanor DUI

Criminal Excessive Speed : Case Dismissed

Criminal Excessive Speed : Reduced to a civil speed violation

Reckless Driving/Racing/Aggressive Driving : Reduced to civil violations

DUI : Reduced to a Reckless Driving charge

Extreme DUI : Reduced to a Regular DUI charge

Super Extreme DUI : Reduced to a Regular DUI charge

2nd Offense DUI : Reduced to a 1st offense DUI charge

Assault/Disorderly Conduct/Criminal Damage/Domestic Violence : Not Guilty

Assault/Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Violence : Not Guilty

Criminal Trespass/Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Violence : Not Guilty

Assault/Disorderly Conduct : Case Dismissed

Assault/Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Violence : Case Dismissed

Burglary/Criminal Trespass : Reduced to a misdemeanor

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender : Diversion Program

DUI Case : Dismissed

Extreme DUI : Case Dismissed

Possession of Marijuana/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia : Reduced to a misdemeanor

Possession of Marijuana/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia : Dismissed

Transportation/Possession of a Dangerous Drug for Sale : Hung Jury

Injunction Against Harassment : Dismissed

Aggravated Taking Identity of Another/Forgery : Dismissed

Aggravated Assault/DV : Dismissed

Misconduct Involving Weapons : Reduced to a misdemeanor

Criminal Trespass/Disorderly Conduct/Failure to Comply : Diversion Program

Underage Consumption of Alcohol : Diversion Program

Federal Supervised Release Violation (3rd overall violation) : Reinstated, no prison time

Resisting Arrest/Using Physical Force on an Officer : Probation

Unlawful Use of Means of Transportation : Probation

False Reporting to Law Enforcement : Dismissed

Possession/Use of a Dangerous Drug : Dismissed

Driving on a Suspended License : Dismissed

No Insurance Violation : Dismissed

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia : Dismissed

Assault/Prisoner Incite/Participate in Riot : Dismissed

Forgery : Dismissed

Aggravated Assault/Impede Breathing/Domestic Violence : Probation

Armed Robbery : Probation

Disorderly Conduct/Display a Dangerous Weapon : Probation

Theft of Means of Transportation : Dismissed

Aggravated Assault Officer/Hit and Run/Criminal Damage : Probation

Smuggling of Humans for Profit : Probation

Aggravated Assault/Bound No Capacity to Resist/Domestic Violence : Reduced to a misdemeanor

Prostitution : Reduced to a licensing violation

*The above cases may be factually different from your case. Any and all successful outcomes on a prior case does not guarantee your case will receive the same result. The Jacobo Law Firm, PLLC does not make any guarantees as to the outcome of your case. Manny A. Jacobo promises to treat each client like his most important client by providing attention to detail in every case and provide the best possible outcome for you.